The Dark Century is a 100 mile bike ride. It will take place on Friday night, June first. We'll be riding under a full moon form Lincoln Park in downtown Long Beach. At the halfway point, we'll stop for refreshments at the mouth of Azusa Canyon.

We'll have several stops along the way to rest and fill up water bottles.
This ride will be unsupported. Riders will be responsible for their own water, food, tubes / patches, spare light batteries and tools.
Front and rear lights are an absolute necessity. Experience tells us that everybody on the ride will look out for one another, and help each other finish safely. However, please do your part by coming prepared.

Riders will need to be in condition to ride a hundred miles at night.
The route is a steady but very gradual climb for the first half. Then, it will be downhill all the way back. This is a great route for someone who has never been on a century before. If you've never ridden a hundred miles, check out the links on getting prepared. Stay tuned for some Dark Cen training rides that we are planning to help us prepare for the big ride.

There will be riders of several different levels on this ride.
Some advanced riders will help out by scouting ahead and clearing our path. We will also have some experinced riders to help take up the rear and make sure nobody gets lost or left behind. We hope to make this ride as fun and accessable as possible for both seasoned riders and riders who are doing thier first century.

We've been anticpating and working toward this fun and challenging ride for several months.
We hope that you can join us!